I can define myself as an interaction designer. My background derives from two fields that might seem divergent but in reality they are quite complementary; engineering and design. Initially I studied electronics in multimedia and later I specialised in micro-technology. During my career I felt the need to develop my creative side more professionally. This is why I decided to do my masters in interaction design. As a result, the combination of both my technical and creative abilities allowed me to not just design and conceptualise new ideas but also properly build them for real. I became very interested in the process of designing practical interactions based on research and real users’ needs. I also enjoy working on multidisciplinary projects, in which the challenge of linking the conceptual, design, and technical aspects allows me to constantly exploit and develop my abilities. My gateway from all the brain activities is photography that is by far my favourite hobby. It gives me a good sense of composition, aesthetics, and a good eye for details.

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