"Drunk fish" is a “quantify yourself” application that helps to keep track of the amount of water drunk each day. Once a cup of water is drunk, with a simple tap on the screen the app just records it and shows it with a short animation. The other three functionalities are the history of the amount of water drunk, the daily average over time and if the user is an odd drinker or an even one (simply based on the sum of water in the odd and even days).
The project has been developped on the "JS Bin" online platform that allows collaborating on the same code between more people. The output part directly shows the modifications of the code to speed up and help in the coding process. What's more, it also allows keeping all the history of the previous versions (like in a backup) that are accessible all the time. Here below there's the code behind the application.

live code

The combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is incredibly powerful and with endless possibilities to build any web and mobile application. The most interesting aspect for an interaction designer is to be able to create dynamic pages and screens to simplify the navigation and functionalities for the users as well as making the experience more cool, funny and pleasant.
Role in the Project: coding HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery

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