“Travel.Sense” is a mobile application designed for student living abroad and people traveling a lot that might enjoy an effective, simple and emotional way to keep a diary and to share it. The core function is the vocal comment added after having taken the photo by recording it directly in the phone. This gives a much better completeness to the picture and it allows feeling the ambient sounds and the user mood in that moment enclosed in his/her voice. The app is really simple and clean and focused on the pictures. Its three main functions are the picture browsing (timeline, places and favorite collections), acquisition of new pictures with vocal comment and the social sharing. Here below a small recap about the process, from the flow with the Information Architecture passing by the sketches to come to the screens.
The prototype of the application has been made in InVision thanks to witch is it possible to move through the screens and simulate the navigation between the different pages to prove and check the concept and the graphic. The prototype of the “Travel.Sense” app can be tried here:

Travel.Sense InVision prototype

Role in the Project: concept generation, graphic and mobile design, InVision prototype

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