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AR exhibition

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The theme of the 31st edition of the Castellinaria - festival del cinema giovane in Bellinzona, Switzerland, was about the relationship between the special effects and the cinema.

In order to show that and communicate it to the visitors, in the exhibition that simulate the circular space ship of "2001: A Space Odyssey" there were the posters of the major movies that pushed forward the special effects in the movie industry.

With the support of iPads, visitors could get immersed in the movie's posters thanks to the augmented reality, and play the backstage video of the movie to learn about the ground breaking technics used for the special effects.

year 2018

done with Edy Radice

scope freelance

client Castellinaria film festival



The solution used has been to build an iOS application for iPad using Unity. The tracking system was based on Vuoforia that allows to load the tracker (in our case the poster of the movies) and to detect them by using the camera of the device on witch the application was running.

In Unity for each tracker various cut out parts of the poster has been placed at different distance from the tracker itself to create the illusion of the characters on the poster where popping out from the wall, giving the augmented reality effect.

The application has been build for only few iPads at disposal to the public to visit the exhibition.

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