Marco Lurati

Athletes vs Medals

Interactive web info-graphic

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The project's goal was to give meaning to a significant amount of raw data stored in a database. What's more, the visualization had to make sense with the aspects that have been chosen to be highlighted.

The database used is about the Olympic Games of London 2012. In it, for each athlete that participated in the Games, a list of information about themself is collected (like nationality, gender, age, weight, height, discipline, and so on) as well as the results and medals won.
As plain raw data, they only have meaning by building an excellent infographic to show them in an organized way visually.

I decided to show the relation between the number of athletes of each nation regarding the number of medals won by each country. This gives an overview of the “quality” of the athletes for each nation and how efficient they are in winning medals.





MAIND SUPSI, Data Visualization course


Fabio Franchino



The programming languages used in this project have been HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and D3js. The combination of them is very powerful. All the records about the Olympic Games were stored in a CSV file. With D3js, they have been sorted and organized in the way I wanted to be able to show them.

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