Marco Lurati




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I graduated in Interaction Designer at SUPSI and Engineer in Microtechnology at the BFH of Bienne. I am a scientific collaborator and manager of the Manufacturing Laboratory at the Design Institute of SUPSI (DACD).

I teach Digital Fabrication at the Master of Arts in Interaction Design and the FabLab SUPSI. As a technical collaborator, I followed the "Sette Architetture Automatiche" project of Riccardo Blumer's atelier at the USI Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio.

The rest of the time, I work freelance designing and engineering interactive installations for museum and art exhibitions.

I've recently developed various electronic PCBs for tech education, startups, and artistic projects.




  • Sole.

    L'Ideatorio USI

    Temporary Exhibition

    Interaction designer

  • Ethafa PCB revision


    Electronics engineering


    Iteration on the PCB to update the components and add new features

  • Matrix Red-Green

    Gysin e Vanetti

    Electronics engineering


    Realizzazione della PCB a matrice LED “Red-Green” e scheda esterna USB-C con pogo pin per la programmazione. Processo di prototipazione e sviluppo: scheda test driver WS2811N, supporto 3D per scheda di programmazione, versione intermedia e finale della PCB e scheda test diametro fori per headers


  • LCD 1

    Andreas Gysin

    Limited edition device/token hardware

    Electronics engineering

  • website

    Associazione Opera Nuova

    International magazine of writers and scriptures

    Front-end developer

  • ON ICE - il fascino del ghiaccio

    Museo di Leventina

    Temporary museum exhibition

    Interaction Designer

    Quiz installation for single or multiplayer game about the content of the exhibition and video playback for according to the score achieved.

  • Le molte facce del contagio

    L'ideatorio USI

    Temporary exhibition

    Interaction Designer


  • Museo Gandria

    Museo doganale svizzero di Gandria

    Permanent museum exhibition

    Interaction Designer


  • POC and MVP prototype


    Product development

    Engineer (CAD, EDA PCB) and Interaction Designer

    MVP development

  • Spazzacamino!

    Museo Val Verzasca

    Permanent museum exhibition

    Interaction Designer


  • Digital signage Campus USI

    Gysin e Vanetti



    Insegna Bar USI


  • Persuasive System

    Salvatore Vitale

    Artistic temporary installation

    Interaction Designer

    Persuasive System

  • 50 di voce 50 di blenio

    Museo della Valle di Blenio

    Temporary museum exhibition

    Interaction Designer

    50 di Voce 50 di Blenio

  • United We Stand, Ischgl, Intensity Intensifies

    MASI Lugano

    Temporary art museum exhibitions

    Interaction Designer

    Custom projection management and audio playback for those photo exhibitions: Intensity Intensifies of Beni Bischof, Ischgl, United We Stand

  • Etnorama

    Associazione musei etnografici ticinesi

    Itinerant outdoor installation

    Interaction Designer


  • 3D printed robot kit


    Educational kit development (3D print part)

    3D modeling

    Otto robot


  • Location Ticino

    Film festival Castelli in Aria

    Augmented Reality temporary exhibition

    Interaction designer

    Augmented reality exhibition called "Location Ticino"

  • Imperfetto

    L'Ideatorio USI

    Temporary exhibition

    Interaction designer

    Interactive exhibition "Il Cervello"

  • Let it snow!

    Museo di Leventina

    Temporary museum exhibition

    Interaction designer

    For the temporary exhibition titled "Let it snow!", I did setup the installation consisting in three elder men sit around a table and talking about the winter marathons they did help organising in the Leventina valley with many stories and memories about them.

    The installation consisted in three vertical monitors each one with the video of a man, symmetrically placed around a round table. For each monitor a speaker played the voice of each individual man.

    By sitting at the table, visitors are really into the conversation because the three men are correctly looking at each other and also the voices are coming from their actual location.

    Technically, even if it does seem simple, it has been quite a challenge figuring out how to have them all in sync and how to managed the video and audio tracks.

    The solution used has been to setup the three monitors as unique screen for the computer and to create a unique video file with all the three videos of the interviews in it as well as the audio tracks in a 5.1 surround configuration to be able to have enough channels for the three voices (stereo has just two mono track, 5.1 surround potentially six).

    An external 5.1 surround sound card has been used to have the required multiple audio tracks to be sent to the individual speakers.

  • I Magistri moesani

    Museo Moesano

    Temporary museum exhibition

    Digital artisan

    Technical consultancy and realisation of laser-cutted plates containing all the names of the artisans form that valley that worked abroad in the XVII e XVIII century.


  • Che effetto che fa

    Film festival Castelli in Aria

    Augmented Reality temporary exhibition

    Interaction designer

    Augmented Reality interactive exhibition “Che effetto che fa” about VFX with Edy Radice

  • Modular lighting system

    SUPSI Interior Architecture

    Temporary fair exhibition


    Programmable illumination system for the exhibition in Langenthal about the design schools


  • Smart slot

    Radix Ticino

    Youth prevention campaign

    Interaction Designer

    Gioco d'azzardo, slot machines

  • Spherical photos for NEAT e-learning


    Spherical photography