Marco Lurati



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After some years of working experience in the field of optical sensors production, I'm now working as Scientific Collaborator at the Swiss University of Applied Science SUPSI for the development of research projects about interactive museum exhibitions, web for accessibility, digital fabrication for assistive devices as well as teaching and coaching.

As freelancer in the field of designing interactive installations and building them using my technical knowledges as engineer.

Those knowledges consist in physical computing (interconnecting and coding for Processing, Arduino & co., Raspberry Pi, Linux, Mac and Windows) to manage video, sound and images playback as anything else possible, electronics circuit design for PCB production for solid custom solution, sensors choice and setup to create the desired experience, 3D modelling, printing and CNC milling for specific functional objects and solutions, lasercutting for fast production of many copies and precise parts as well as sharp graphics and text cutting/engraving on various materials (wood, plastic, metal, fabrics), video projection and mapping, some AR augmented reality solutions, web design and development, and more.

From the design point of view, I've a good sense in inventing, tailoring and simplifying in a meaningful way the balance between the type and amount of content shown, the experience and the interaction in order to avoid flows and hiccups for the users, to optimise the effectiveness and impact of the experience lived by the users and visitors.

I'm always searching for new solution to involve and share experiences and contents using the power of the technology.




  • Film festival Castelli in Aria, Bellinzona Switzerland

    Interaction designer

    Augmented reality exhibition called "Location Ticino"

  • L'Ideatorio USI

    Interaction designer

    Interactive exhibition "Il Cervello"

  • Museo Moesano Roveredo, Switzerland

    Digital artisan

    Technical consultancy and realisation of laser-cutted plates containing all the names of the artisans form that valley that worked abroad in the XVII e XVIII century.

  • Museo di Leventina

    Interaction designer

    For the temporary exhibition titled "Let it snow!", I did setup the installation consisting in three elder men sit around a table and talking about the winter marathons they did help organising in the Leventina valley with many stories and memories about them.

    The installation consisted in three vertical monitors each one with the video of a man, symmetrically placed around a round table. For each monitor a speaker played the voice of each individual man.

    By sitting at the table, visitors are really into the conversation because the three men are correctly looking at each other and also the voices are coming from their actual location.

    Technically, even if it does seem simple, it has been quite a challenge figuring out how to have them all in sync and how to managed the video and audio tracks.

    The solution used has been to setup the three monitors as unique screen for the computer and to create a unique video file with all the three videos of the interviews in it as well as the audio tracks in a 5.1 surround configuration to be able to have enough channels for the three voices (stereo has just two mono track, 5.1 surround potentially six).

    An external 5.1 surround sound card has been used to have the required multiple audio tracks to be sent to the individual speakers.