Marco Lurati

Augmented Greina

Physical 3D terrain visualisation and mapping

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The project presents multiple maps about the geology, the protected natural areas, the alpines trails and the glaciers and lakes evolution of the region of the “Greina” (between the canton of Ticino and Graubunden, Switzerland).

The maps are projected on a CNC milled 3D terrain of 170 by 120 cm. The visitors can select the maps by simply turning a knob of a tangible interface that allows to activate the corresponding legend through lights and animations.





SUPSI LCV, CNC milling and projection mapping


Museo della Valle di Blenio





The interactive installation has been built for the exhibition “La Greina” at the ”Valle di Blenio Museum” of Lottigna in Ticino. Opened in 2018, the exhibition shows the peculiarities of this unique region from different points of view: from the scientific one about the cartography and geology, to the point of view of the artists and the poets or of the people living and working there. It shows the modernity of human interventions to provide the electricity to the nearby valleys with hydroelectric basin projects.

The 3D model has been generated using the map data coming from the Swiss Federal Office of Topography. The model has been split and carved in multiple MDF wood panels using a CNC milling machine and then joined together in the final 3D terrain covering all the region of the Greina on a scale of 1:25’000 (170x120cm with a height of 20cm).

On the terrain the various maps are projected from the top, and to account for the distortion caused by the irregular terrain, an intensive projection mapping process has been made to match the orthogonal maps with the physical 3D model.

The physical user interface consists of a flat panel positioned on the short side of the model and facing it with the printed legends of the maps that are illuminated when the corresponding map is projected onto the model. The user can select the map by turning the knob positioned next to the legends. If nobody is interacting, the maps change automatically.

The project has been designed and developed by LCV/Fablab SUPSI for the historical and ethnographic ”Valle di Blenio Museum” of Lottigna.

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