Marco Lurati

Black Dragon

Interactive environnement installation


The project consists of a small-scale prototype representing a large ceiling installation designed for a big circus company show to entertain the audience in the lobby area. The installation consists of a long-limbed wavy surface hanging on the audience and moving like a river.S

The triangular texture maintains the industrial heritage of the building for which the installation has been designed. The surface is illuminated to highlight the shapes and movement of the surface itself.

The audience can interact with the surface and bring it alive thanks to the physical interface composed of buttons positioned under the surface on its all length. Each segment of the interface does move the correspondent segment of the surface.





MAIND SUPSI, interactive environment course


Federico Lameri


Bill Keays



The prototype works fully, manually and physically, without any electronic actuator or computer. In the following video, the building process is shown. The whole board counted 209 manual actuators, so the "work chain" to build it has been quite intensive, but I loved it!

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The building process has been quite tricky, mainly because of the surface. To have a perfectly aligned pattern with the proper distance between the Plexiglas triangles and to allow the surface to move freely, we first had to build a mask to ensure the positioning of the fabric of the triangles. The second step was to cover the Plexiglas sheet with double-face tape before laser-cutting the triangles so that everything was clean-cut just once. The result has been very satisfying.

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