Marco Lurati

Casa di progetto

Video installation for urban project's communication

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The pavilion "Casa di progetto", build around a naval container, collects many insights and media contents about the evolution of the construction of the new "SUPSI Campus Est" in Viganello (Lugano, Switzerland). It represents a new way in Ticino to accompany the development of such important urban projects through a constructive communication with the population and the future users. The project has been promoted by the USI and SUPSI universities and the city of Lugano.

The project has been curated by Studio It's.





SUPSI LCV, multimedia installation


Studio it's



The project consists in a small interactive installation based on the reproduction of video contents projected on a wall of the structure. For each video there is an arcade button that allows to start and pause the video.

The installation is based on a Intel NUC PC with Linux that runs a Processing sketch connected to a projector and an audio speaker. The interface is controlled by an Arduino that communicate with the PC to select and play the videos.

The communication between Arduino an Processing is bidirectional to be able to read and set the buttons light according on the sketch status (play, pause, loop as standby).

The challenges have been making sure the projector and the PC where kept safe in this installation with public access. To solve it, a sealed box designed for using projectors at the exterior has been adopted, with the addition of an extra fan to ensure enough airflow for the projector.

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