Marco Lurati

Digital Clock

Processing coding


This digital clock focuses on the minute, represented by the big circle in the middle of the screen.
The clock doesn’t show the seconds, but aside from the minutes, only the hours are indicated by a line that turns around the central circle (its position is the same as the regular wristwatches).
The dots on the screen represent the minutes of the day from 00:01 to 24:00, that’s means 1440 dots.

On the right side, the already lived and passed minutes of the day are collected in a pile, and on the left, the ones that remain. While time passes, the dots/minutes move from the left to the right side, staying alive for their whole minute in the center.





MAIND SUPSI, Programming Interactive Objects course


Andreas Gysin


The idea behind this clock comes from the “Clock Tower” in Venice (Italy).
In that clock, an old character rings the bell two minutes before the full hour to underline the past time, and a young character two minutes after highlighting the future time, but it never rings at the entire hour.

This is to don’t feel like being late but enjoying the time that we have now, at this moment. The fact of not showing the seconds, but only the actual minute in the center, gives the feeling of grabbing the time, even because the scene doesn’t change for one minute; it’s static.

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