Marco Lurati


Multi-screen display wall


The Geowall is a flexible multi-display installation that can host different visual contents for communication purposes.

The main interface consists of a 27-inch touchscreen that allows one to navigate and explore the content.
A Raspberry Pi board controls every smaller screen.

It has lately been updated for every screen to play individual videos from a USB stick.








The original build consists of a matrix of 4x3 13-inch screens and a main 27-inch touch screen. A Raspberry pi board drives every 13-inch screen via HDMI. The main screen is controlled by an Intel NUC mini PC located inside the wooden base, with 5V and 12V power supplies for the screens and Raspberries.

The PC and the Raspberries are connected via Ethernet with an Ethernet switch. The content on the 13-inch screens is controlled via the main interface on the 27-inch touchscreen.

The structure is built with black powder-coated aluminum profiles mounted on the wooden base box. All the 3D modeling has been done in Fusion360, and the necessary parts have been produced with the CNC and the laser cutter.

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