Marco Lurati

Infanzia spensierata?

Permanent interactive museum exhibition


The exhibition deals with the theme of child labor. It draws a parallel between local stories of the past and recent global stories, inviting us to reflect on the role that everyone has, even in the small daily choices, within complex and sensitive macro-issues such as this.

The exhibition develops and intertwines on three levels: the historical reality of Verzasca at the end of the 19th century with the phenomenon of children's chimney sweeps, literary fiction with quotations from the novel The Black Brothers by Lisa Tetzner, and current events punctuated by stories of exploitation juvenile.






in collaboration with

Studio it's Luciano Baragiola


Museo di Val Verzasca


The exhibition journey

The first rooms realistically represent the past and the poverty that forced families to have their young children emigrate to work as chimney sweeps.

During the journey, interspersed with historical reconstructions of domestic rooms, and interactive and experiential moments, the visitor is invited to enter a room of the museum that looks like a studio flat of an ordinary young person who wants to reflect on the hidden presence of children labor in our daily life.

The stairwell accompanies the visitor along the entire route, symbolically assuming the role of a flue and leading to the exhibition rooms through the reproduction of handmade works by the illustrator Hannes Binder.

The exhibition ends by reaching the dark and claustrophobic room in the museum's ceiling. Objects used by the children for their work and living are faintly illuminated and described by children's voices. The interactive book, with the animated illustrations of Hannes Binder, narrates some episodes taken from the novel The Black Brothers by Lisa Tetzner.


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