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Ischgl and more

Photo projection installations at MASILugano

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The exhibition at the Museo d’Arte della Svizzera Italiana (MASI Lugano) of the photography project Lois Hechenblaikner. Ischgl and more A pop-up project(ion): a projection of photographs by photographer Lois Hechenkblaikner meticulously documenting the lesser-known, irreverent side of Austrian Alpine resorts.

The central theme of this pop-up exhibition is the presentation of the Austrian photographer’s latest series of photos devoted to the Tyrolean resort of Ischgl. Published in a highly successful book at the beginning of June by Steidl, the collection of photographs documents one of the most sought-after and well-known Austrian ski resorts. It is not just a holiday destination but, first and foremost, a notorious terminus for the après-ski crowd, with concerts, lively nightlife, and frequently over-the-top events defined by Hechenblaikner himself as “Delirium Alpinum”.









Exhibition informations


The project consists of two double slideshows of paired pictures with a defined time duration each (from 4 to 20 seconds). Each slideshow is controlled by an Intel NUC mini PC running a Processing sketch that contains the sequence of each paired image. The Intel NUC has an HDMI output for one projector and a USB-C port with an HDMI adapter for the other.

The Processing sketch is in full-screen mode with the "SPAN" option to use the connected projectors as one big screen (3840x1080px).

One of the PC has an online radio player (Winamp) to play the Radio Tirol ORF in the background. The plugin "Detect Silence" for Winamp has been used to force the restart of the playback in case the internet connection gets lost from time to time.

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