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The MCI website is the home of the research project aimed to find and share solutions that can be simply implemented to make museums more accessible to people with visual impairment. The project has been developed with the main museums and the blind and partially sighted association UNITAS in Ticino, Switzerland.





SUPSI LCV, web development




The journey of the project can be resumed in two steps. The first one being the research part about the workshops and experimentations done with each museum by touching the topics about accessibility in a different ways.

The second part the delivery in a simply online kit containing the guidelines build and developed during the research phase that could be used by any museum to improve its accessibility level to anyone visiting it.

A website has been build to document and make public all this process and the final kit. The website has grown with the project and many adaptations and parts has been added with time in order to share and publish the contents created during the process.

I've been involved in the design of the website in order to keep it simple, clear and effective, and I took care of it's whole development. I was the only developer on the project for the website.

The accessibility was not only related to the activities and contents, but also the website had to be fully accessible with modern vocal readers on PC and smartphones. This to give an example of a website with a good accessibility level.

In order to achieve this, I had to dive in the rules of HTML5 to properly use the right tags and structures to make the pages perfectly accessible, from both the code point of view and the design (visual and content flow).

I had the chance to test the website with some blind and visual impaired people that gave many feedback on how to make the usability and accessibility of the website better.

Being a Swiss project, the website had to be in the three main languages (Italian, French and German). Obviously the website is fully responsive.

The website is based on Kirby CMS, a totally flexible PHP file based CMS that uses markdown files to store the content and not a standard database. Really loving using it.

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