Marco Lurati

Persuasive System

Systemic surveillance digital installation

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The installation, consisting of four surveillance cameras that are visible and positioned in Lugano’s (CH) main square Piazza Manzoni, allows an online audience to record – in real-time – everything that happens in a specific area of the square.

Therefore, Vitale asks users to perform real-time interactions, recordings, and monitoring of this public space through a dedicated website.

In line with European Guidelines on the processing of personal data through video devices, the area is delimited in such a way as to allow the public to choose to be observed consciously.

The footages are visible on a large screen located on-site and stored as archive material.






web development

Leonardo Angelucci


Salvatore Vitale

realtime video feed website

Persuasive System



The system consisted of four cameras mounted on the container recording the surrounding. The images captured by the cameras were sent to an online website that was visible on an LED panel inside the container.

From the website, the visitors and online users could save any frame of the cameras, creating a publicly visible image feed. The IP address of the user was associated with the picture taken.

The website is still online and keeps hosting all the previous images saved and live video feeds of the current location of the installation.

The cameras

Being a public installation in the open, the custom cameras needed to withstand rain and heat. At the core of the cameras is a Raspberry Pi for WiFi capabilities with a High Quality Raspberry Pi camera.

The components are mounted in an industry-standard ABS box with a sealed clear cover using custom 3D-printed supports. Externally the box has a top cover to reduce the sun glare and raindrops in front of the camera, and on the bottom, a solid support connection for the articulated arms with a clamp used to mount it on the container.

All the parts have been printed in PETG plastic for extra strength and resistance to the elements.

The power is provided via a mini XLR water-sealed connector from a 5V industrial power supply placed inside the container.

Many tests were done to ensure the electronic components wouldn't overheat in the sealed enclosure in the direct sun. It was a matter of how often the camera read the images.

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