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Teaching digital fabrication for architecture

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This parking space for bicycles has been developed and built by the bachelor students in Architecture, Civil Engineering and Interior Architecture of SUPSI DACD during the one week seminar about 3D modelling and digital fabrication. The structure is made with about 84 individual pieces cut with the CNC at the Fablab SUPSI.





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Marco Lurati Michele Cutolo Serena Cangiano Valentina Meldi


Anita Antic, Davide Baggio, Viola Curti, Giulia Ferrari, Valeria Kraehenbuehl, Martina Mabellini, Lorenzo Monga, Simone Ramasco, Kevin Truaisch


FabLab Seminars 2019/2020



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The project has been developed during two different weeks, one in September 2019 where the students did learn how to design in a parametric CAD program (Fusion 360 of Autodesk) and they did work on the concept and form of the structure by using the lasercutter and CNC machine. They could study different aesthetic patterns, technical construction solutions and wood joins.

During the second week in February 2020 the focus has been to finalize the design and the 3D model to be able to generate all the CAM files for the CNC machine and do the production and assembly of the structure.

The overall structure was composed by 98 individual unique wood panels that have been cut with the CNC machine at the Fablab SUPSI during four days. The cutting bit used was with a diameter of 12mm with a chip breaker profile that allowed to cut full depth (15mm) in one pass only on the powerful ShopBot Buddy milling machine.

The right choice and settings of the cutter has been essential to be able to cut everything in time. The cutting settings where at the edge of what the cutter could withstand.

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